Enviroduct Cleaning


Ductwork & Commercial Cleaning Manchester

The Enviroduct Cleaning team carry out professional air duct and kitchen duct cleaning in Manchester and across Greater Manchester. The aim is ensure your commercial environment is safe and thoroughly clean. Poorly maintained commercial kitchens can quick become a hygiene and/or fire related risk. Enviroduct can help to reduce this risk by providing regular preventative maintenance cleaning programmes. They provide professional and cost effective kitchen duct cleaning, ventilation cleaning and kitchen deep cleaning.

Enviroduct is the choice for five star hotels and leading bar & fast food restaurant chains.

Services include:

  • Grease Extraction
  • Kitchen Ductwork Cleaning
  • Kitchen Deep Cleans
  • Fire & Smoke Damper Testing
  • Fire Damper Cleaning
  • Building Ventilation Cleaning
  • Laundry Extract Ventilation Cleaning
  • Electrostatic Spraying

They offer a range of professional cleaning services in Manchester and across the North West. Contact Enviroduct today for a no obligation quote.

For more information, please visit the Enviroduct website: https://www.enviroductcleaning.co.uk/